Diane Mott Davidson – Double Shot

Diane Mott Davidson’s Double Shot is the 12th release in the series of Goldy Schulz novels.

This story was published on October 19, 2004.

Double Shot book description

The governor of Colorado has commuted the prison sentence of Goldy Schulz’s ultra-handsome, ultra-charming, ultra-wealthy, ultra-venal ex-husband, Dr. John Richard Korman, otherwise known to Goldy as the Jerk.

He’s released, and soon afterward Goldy becomes the victim of threats, rumors, and violence.

Then there’s a murder and suspicion centers on Goldy. Suddenly, she is faced with the challenge of running her successful catering business while fending off two persistent detectives.

Caught in a web of secrets and lies that could tear her family apart, Goldy must use all of her considerable powers of detection to find the real killer before she herself becomes a target.

Diane Mott Davidson Double Shot

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